Whooper swan acting coy for the camera. Photographed at WWT Welney

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Here's the blog post! https://www.da.vidbuchanan.co.uk/blog/netflix-on-asahi.html

The Quest for Netflix on Asahi Linux ("do not violate the DMCA challenge 2023")
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"All fixed size" is an obvious easy case, but the crucial realization is that having a separate stream that tells you "get 3 bits, then 0, then 2, then 8, then 5, then 7, then 1" all up front lets you then grab all of these in parallel - you only need a prefix sum/scan to figure out where to fetch, which is much better than fully serial, both in theory and in practice.

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Anyway that experiment convinced me that the big watershed in compressed bitstream formats, both in theory and in practice, is not primarily between "fixed-size fields" vs. "variable-size fields", but rather between formats where you can know the field widths well in advance vs. formats where you discover them serially as you decode.

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Finally put together a full writeup about wInd3x, the iPod Nano 5G bootrom vulnerability I discovered and exploited last year:


Egyptian goose standing on his wooden plank asserting dominance. I didn’t realise I got his partner in this shot until I got home; she’s peeking out from behind, looking quite mischievous. (London Wetlands centre)

Distance fields is an approach to 3D modelling with code and mathematics, rather than polygons and software. It is easy and fun to get organic looking results. Here’s a pear I made using this technique: shadertoy.com/view/dtlGzf

Unusual scenes this Sunday evening: it’s snowing. London doesn’t see snow often, but the last few days have been uncharacteristically cold. Tonight we were blessed with a bit of a downdrift round about when everyone was heading home for the evening. Let’s see if we get more over the next few days — given how poorly equipped our public transport infrastructure is to handle icy conditions, this could get disruptive.

Themes of dissociation, social anxiety 


My turn now: my face does the thing. Thankfully, judging by his reaction, I passed, I’m fairly sure. A quick tap and I’m out. Contactless.

Christmas lights, limbs and bags. I weave and dodge on autopilot. On the way out the bouncers were too busy giving a couple free samples to notice me.

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Themes of dissociation, social anxiety 


Counter man speaks. “Do you want a hug?” I don’t turn. Not for me. Furcoat girl says words, and I look down. It’s loose leaf tea. There’s one jar in each hand, and the price list is printed on the wall.

They finish their hug, I think. I shuffle out from the corner, as she turns to leave. Warm words, and a smile. I look down, not for me. I have my tea.

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Themes of dissociation, social anxiety 


Christmas lights float above, limbs and bags swirl around. I weave and dodge on autopilot. My head’s not in the game. Twister, I think they call it. Or maybe dissociation.

Today’s been a blur. I’m inside now; snuck past the bouncers. They didn’t notice me. Small shop, two people. I blend myself into the scene. No eyes on me.

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Some species have such a distinctive shape that they're identifiable from just that, and nothing more.

Such subjects allow photographers to be a bit more creative when conditions suit, as was the case here, when the light in the forest was fading, but patches of brightness behind formed soft orbs that could be used to help capture silhouettes of the crested tits.

#CrestedTit #ScottishWildlife #ScottishHighlands #BirdPhotography #silhouette #WildlifePhotography

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You've all been asking for it, and @lina's GPU article is finally here! ✨

Tales of the M1 GPU:

Spider & the busy bee. At night, neither could be found, but the results of their work remains for all to see.

Autumn brings rainwater and firethorn berries, two of my favourite things

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We've just posted our November 2022 Progress Report along with a bunch of big package, installer, and OS image updates!

Teaser: USB3, headphones jack for all machines, display brightness and resolution switching, sleep mode, and more!

We're also switching from PulseAudio to PipeWire for desktop users, so don't be alarmed if you get prompted about that!


Out in the garden after the rain. I set up the camera for a few long-exposure shots.

Then, as I wandered around waiting for the shutter to close, an unexpected discovery! A tiny snail was busy lapping up nectar from this flower.

I hadn't known that snails could be pollinators. This little one was out in the dark, hard at work.

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And b) only works until the people in a) find a reason to attack you and then whoops! You're a target too. Or maybe someone you care about.

So congrats, here's your solution: get rid of the a) people and then the b) people will get what they want. No politics!

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All those people saying they "hate politics"? What that *means* is either:

a) I hate jews, trans people, women, etc. and I want them out of my communities (or even dead); or
b) I don't care because I am not affected and I don't want to have that conversation *covers ears*

Rivulets of rain run down my window. I stop what I’m doing to peer out. The night lights catch my eye, refracted this way and that by the rain, patterns rippling as if waves on a little lake.

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